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How to Flaunt Your Outfits in Party or Wedding


Fashion is not always the same with every season we see new colors, collections, styles and trends. How fashion changes and keeps on changing is just magnificent. Innovations and creativity are the ones that alters concept of clothing. And choosing the right outfit for a party is a crucial task. The two important factors that are important while deciding what to wear are occasion and location as they will affect everything – from your clothes and your shoes to your jewelry!

How to Flaunt Your Outfits in Party or Wedding

Other than a theme or concept party which doesn’t require much of thinking just to blend the dresses according to the subject that’s it! But when it comes to the non theme parties it requires a lot of work, other than just mixing the elements. Like if the party is at night, in a fancy restaurant or club, you will probably need to go a little dressier and wear something like a cute dress or a skirt and top combo.

How to Flaunt Your Outfits in Party or Wedding-PakeezaAnchal.com

The must and important thing is being confident and comfortable about what you are wearing. The key to looking great at a party is feeling emboldened by the clothes you wear.  As when you’re attending a cool party, you want to stand out — but in a good way. So if you want to be distinctive, you should come up with a cool alternative to the norm that suits your personality but still fits with the vibe of the party.

Flaunt your Outfit

So let’s start with shoes, shoes lift you physically and as they say a woman with good shoes is never ugly. Prefer high heels but if you are not that comfortable with them then stick to classic flats or bejeweled sneakers instead!

Coming to outfits it’s according to your taste and preferences but try combining your existing clothes in new and uncommon ways, clashing mismatching patterns or binding unusual fabric. Glitter and sparkle are always a part of party try to shimmer your outfit but not too much.

When it comes to jewelry, decide whether you want to go understated and classic, or bold and over-the-top. Such as delicate diamond earrings and pearl necklaces are perfect.

For picking up the right color for your purse and shoes you can either pick out a color from your outfit not necessarily the main color and match your shoes and purse to that, or you can go for a bold color clash.

Some important things while dolling ourselves we should remember are just be yourself- the confident you. Don’t overdress. Dressing suitably is important for any occasion.       Follow the trends but also have an elegant style to work around. The choice in what to wear, more often than not, is still a plight—even for the most fashionistas among you. There is no need to alter the way you dress to fit in. Instead use your grace and glam it up for the occasion.

New Year Outfit for Girls 2017, Party Wear Dress


New Year Outfit for you Girls for 2017, Party Wear Dress-PakeezaAnchal.com

Dressing up for New Year will give you many choices, though many choices increase the dilemma of What to wear for New year Eve Party 2017.

You can choose some long trailing dresses or short skirts with high heels for New Year’s eve party and make your night a memorable one.

You would definitely like to draw everyone’s attention towards you nad make this upcoming new year 2017 with a good start.

Here is one stylish sparkling Spaghetti Short Skirt which goes till your mid-thigh along with a matching shining pinted high heels.

You can try this outfit for New year 2017 Party night.

New Years Party Outfits, Bye bye !! 2015 and Welcome 2016


New year party round the corner. Party ahead after some days. Which dress to wear? Which hairstyle to carry? You probably be stuck in these questions and would be finding a solution for your problem. New year party is on head try some new , trendy and sexy outfits. Fashion is something you should understand and every time something new . Fashionable outfits look so gorgeous and some classy one piece for for 31 night can be a great choice. Black white and red are in trend and look elegant which perfect hairstyle. New year party is like so cool to hangout with your loved ones and surely you want the coolest dress and something different dress that looks sizzling. Nail art and hairstyle can complement your dress and get countless compliment. The best New Year’s Eve outfits are ones that don’t hold back on glamour and sparkle. This holiday is the best excuse to dress up all year and the perfect reason to splurge on a party dress. We gathered outfit inspiration for the occasion from the most stylish bloggers so you can avoid the nothing-to-wear conundrum entirely. Yeah everyone love to get compliments.

New Year Party Dress Ideas and Outfits 2016-Black Skirt-PakeezaAnchal.com.jpg New Year Party Dress Ideas and Outfits 2016-PakeezaAnchal.com New Year Party Dresses Ideas and Outfits 2016-PakeezaAnchal.com

So get ready for 2k16 ♥.

1.This dress looks so classy when it come to your new year eve. This beautiful dress looks just perfect.

2. Elegant and cute dress for short heights people. Carry a hairstyle which complements your dress. Smoky eye look will look perfect with this.

3. Black and sexy elegant dress for your new year’s eve looks awesome. This dress can really be good if your wear it on another occasion also.

4. Want to stand out of the party? Choose this sexy dress for your new year eve. Select this red colour outfit which goes well with your every hairstyle.

New Year Party Dress Ideas and Outfits 2016-Red-PakeezaAnchal.com

5. Say you’ve exhausted all your party dresses early in the season. Think outside the realm of typical New Year’s Eve outfits, and opt for white dress instead!

New Year Party Dress Ideas and Outfits 2016-White-PakeezaAnchal.com

6. And in the winter months, when most people’s go-to color is black, a pretty purple dress is especially eye-catching.

7. Not big on embellishments? New Year’s Eve outfits don’t have to sparkle to make a
statement. A sexy little black dress can do a lot.

8. For last-minute plans or low-key celebrations, an all-black New Year’s Eve outfit is your best bet. Nothing looks so chic so fast.

Go for sexy classy elegant outfits this time. Look different and look stunning and enjoy your new year eve. ♥