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The 7-day detox plan – Detox Diet for Weight Loss plan in 7 days


Worry about weight loss? Supplements not a good choice. Why not to got for something which make you lose weight in such a way that helps you get every nutrients and with no side effects!!!

Detox Diet for Weight Loss plan in 7 days. Yeah without side effects its true. Try out !! 🙂

Have you ever tried detox diet? Most of us follow American diet where they intake a lot of artificial sweetener and other calories food. But nowadays we have seen celebs and people following detox diet. Detox diet is something which includes vitamins minerals and other nutrients which are so important. According to Modern scenario people have started taking care of their body and are ready to try different diet plans to lose weight. Detox is one of the diet plan by which you can lose weight gradually.  This is something must try diet chart by which you can lose weight naturally.

The 7-day detox plan - Detox Diet for Weight Loss plan in 7 days-PakeezaAnchal.com

Food to be included in Food Plan:

Fruits and dry fruits need no emphasis. Every consultant or dietician ways include this diet as this is something you cannot leave. Fiber and nutrients so present in fruits and dry fruits are really essential for proper diet.
Low salt vegetables are also advisable. Corns lentils should be included in diet.
You can also include rice cake rice rye and beans.

Dry Fruits nuts-PakeezaAnchal.com

Food not be included in diet :


High calories junk food should be avoided like breads cake and whole wheat.
Avoid chocolates jam sweet syrups etc. As intake of artificial sweetener are not advisable. Also avoid taking eggs fish biscuits and high calories dairy products.

Sample diet plan (breakfast) – 7 Days Detox Plan

Day 1       Berries and spinach Pear Spinach and Strawberry Smoothie

Day 2       Avocado, peach and almond milk smoothie

Day 3       Spinach, blueberries and flaxseed smoothie

Day 4       Melon, mango and coconut milk smoothie

Day 5       Watermelon, mint and apple smoothie

Day 6       Apple, pear and cherries smoothie

Day 7       Coconut water, coconut meat and flax seed smoothie

This is just for sample you can include other fruits and juices according to your body. It us advised to take direction from physician for the same.


*Pregnant ladies should not go for detox diet.

*Children below 18 years shiuld not follow diet .

*Pateints of type 1 diabetes should not gollow this diet paln.

Do’s and don’t:

1. Follow strictly detox diet chart and more emphasis on fruits and 100% real and unsweetened juice. Juice should be real and dry fruits intake is also advisable but low
amount of intake.

2. Forget about smoking and hard drinks and same kind food. Not even a single cigarette
can work.

3. Restrict yourself to fruits and cut down high calory food. No choclates no jams only fruits.

4. Workout daily for at least an hour.

Stay fit ♥♡♥