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Stylish hairstyle for Girls, Bun Hairstyle Styles for Weddings


Gosh !! Which hairstyle to go for party or Wedding  . Straight hair ? Curls? Braids? Bun? Yeah with these questions you are everytime struck when you need to go to party. Solution to your problem you think is expensive hairstyles by hairdresser but I have another way out by which your expensive hair style will turn into light on your pocket hairstyle at home.

So here is the solution.

Elegant and awesome looking bun which gives you rich look in 5 -10 minutes. Add some hair accessories which will be icing on the cake. Why to go for such expensive hair styles when we ourselves can be expert in doing that.

Here is classy idea to make a special bun hairstyle. What makes it so unique is that the braids are woven around the ponytail and then  bun. It looks so awesome! If you have long hair and love braided hairstyle, definitely try this one. Here is super cute hairstyle for you that you can wear any day and on any occasion.

And now we have Braid Bun hairstyle for you. Specially for you 🙂


Style 1. Bun Braid

Bun Braid Hairstyle for Girls--PakeezaAnchal.com

Steps to follow:

Step 1. After combing separate them into 2 sections and braid till the end and tighten with band.

Step 2. Grab braids one by one and roll them to create bun and secure them with bobby pins.

Style 2. Bun

Braided Bun Hairstyle for Girls--PakeezaAnchal.com

Steps to follow:

Split the hair into 2 parts and tie off the top.

*Place the doughnut over the tie and wrap the tail over it.

*Split the bottom into 2 parts and twist the left over the right side of the bun and tuck it with the pins.

* Repeat this progress – Vice Versa

Style 3 . Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid hairstyle of Deepika padukone-PakeezaAnchal.com

Steps to follow:

Step 1.Create a Pony tail

Step 2. Divide your ponytail into two sections and that too evenly.

Step 3.Begin weaving

Step 4. Evenness should be maintained while weaving.

Step 5. You are done with the weaving. Fishtail Braid is ready ♥

These hairstyles will really look be it any occasion. It helps you to get countless compliments.

Choose any hairstyle that suits your dress and compliments your personality. These cute
hairstyles will really look cool. Try them anytime and anyday. Occasion is not that necessary try any day anytime you want.

Hope you enjoyed ♥

Elegant & Cute Easy Hairstyles for Girls – Latest Fancy Hairstyles


Woke up with zero time ???

Gosh!!  late for the party and still have not visited hairdresser as yet .
But yes these hairstyles will have answer for this question. You’re lazy that doesn’t mean you don’t wanna look good still you have many options to go for. Just some simple easy steps to follow and look good be it any occasion.No matter what occasion is these hairstyles will look just perfect. What you need is just relax and follow the easy steps let it be awesome twist tail or bun. The classic ponytail is one of the easiest and most versatile hairstyles for long hair: it can be transformed into a very slick, classy hairdo or something more care-free and casual. Fancy, party ready hairstyle is loved by anyone. It is easily done in some steps and will look great with any party outfit. With all your glamorous dresses these hairstyles will look stunning gorgeous.

1. Headed to one of your cousins party – This chic side bun can be your choice and can turn up many heads. Try this sexy style and look stunning wherever you go. This off duty bun can really make you feel wow and gorgeous.  ♥♡♥Chic-Side Bun Hairstyle-PakeezaAnchal.com

2. Wrap your hair up into this pretty look and prepare for compliments to fly. Curls can really make you go. Hairstyle looks daunting and wrap your hair like this at any occasion let it be birthday party or any marriage. Make sure your hair is not freshly washed: it will make the weaving hold better and longer. Curly hairs really hold longer.♥♡♥

Curly Hairstyle-PakeezaAnchal.com

3. Twisted tailFrench twists don’t always have to be tightly pulled and super wordly looking. This twist can really make you look super stunning. You just need couple of minutes and rubberband. The classic twisted tail is one of the easiest and most elegant hairdo for long hair. Twisted tail holds better and look always gorgeous wherever you go.♥♡♥

Flawless Hairstyle-PakeezaAnchal.com

4. A flawless and elegant hairdo! We all love it but we hate to go to hairdresser may be because it is heavy on pocket and hopefully, we have found an amazing and quick way which will help you create a sleek cute hairdo. Classy hairdo at home which is light on pocket helps you get countless compliments all the time.♥♡♥

Twisted Tail-PakeezaAnchal.com

5. Side tail always look so stunning be it any party. This hairdo can really get you many compliments. One of the hottest and cutest hairstyle of the moment, the Tuck and Cover is exactly that: just some easy steps to follow. Side tail try it at any function you want and look just perfect.♥♡♥

Party Hairstyles-PakeezaAnchal.comTollywood Actress Madhurima in Curly Hairstyle