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How much it takes to burn calories you intake ?


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So tasty know !!! But have you ever thought of burning these calories which you intake? 460 calories = 1 Burger. Do you really think you’re half an hour walk or 20 sit ups will work or your 1 hour gym will help you ? An adult needs 2000 calories per day and calories should be in taken with only healthy food not junk food. Have you ever thought where these calories will take you to ? Obesity is the natural answer. But not only obesity many health problems like heart disease, diabetes are usual if you don’t take proper diet and also if proper work outs are not done.

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It is believed that one who don’t eat junk also needs Exercise or walk of at least one hour. So imagine the one who intake lot of junk food , then how much exercise they need to keep themselves fit.

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Let’s have a look :

Mc Donalds burger… ya it is very tasty and double cheese is tastier. How many sit ups do you need for it ?

93 minutes sit ups continuously or running 4 miles. Gosh!! Have you ever done this much Exercise in a month. Seriously I don’t believe that anyone can.

One slice of Pizza. Ya from dominos ahha very tasty but calories ?? Yeah 285 calories
approx. How much workout do you really need ?

50 minutes walk for one slice then think if you intake whole pizza that means either 4 slices or 6.

Multiply 50 minutes into the slices u eat. Will you able to digest it properly without proper

KFC chicken yeah it’s finger licking good !! But again pop up Calories??? What about
it ? How much do you need to play Frisbee for it?

You really need to play it for like 4 hours 3 minutes approx !!  Are you serious you can burn these calories. Be really sure of what you it because if you eat that much you really need to work more harder for it.

Do you really think you can work out on your body that much that you can burn these calories ?

Or Do you think it is easy to digest such high calories food?

Unfortunately answer is NO!! No one has that much capability to digest or to work out for like 4 hours or 5 hours. But if you say so that you really can work on your body much then I would say you can go for high calories food but most us cannot , not even most of us but 99.9% people can’t.

Accept the reality and either work out that much or else have proper balanced diet.

Stay healthy stay fit